Blood Quantum (forthcoming), Real Time Strategy Game, Renee Nejo

The Neeched Up Game (forthcoming), Board Game, Janelle Pewapsconias

Rivet Rampage, Paul M. Rickard and Mushkeg Productions Inc.

Coyote Quest, Point and Click Adventure Game, Loretta Todd with Elizabeth LaPensée, Nelson Dedos Garcia, Silverstring Media, and Agentic Digital Media

Hikoi with Julia Grace, Eric-Rangi Hillman with Auckland Museum

Mikan, Language Game, Elizabeth LaPensée with Duluth Children's Museum

Manoominike, Motion Game, Elizabeth LaPensée with Duluth Children's Museum

Maoriland, Johnson Witehira

Soowees Magic Academy, Text Role Playing Game, Sofi Lubanski and Ishki Ricard

Les chmonnes sont clares, Role Playing Game, Chad Comeau

Honour Water, Singing Game, Elizabeth LaPensée with Pinnguaq and the Oshkii Giizhik Singers

Nenda-Gikendamang Ningo-Biboonagak, Language Games, Levi Tadgerson with Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Anishinaabemowin: Singuistics, Singing Game, Pinnguaq with Elizabeth LaPensée and the Miskwaasining Nagamojig

Invaders, Arcade Game, Elizabeth LaPensée with Steven Paul Judd and Trevino Brings Plenty

Never Alone, Platformer Game, Cook Inlet Tribal Council and E-Line Media with Ishmael Hope

The Gift of Food, Board Game, Northwest Indian College and Elizabeth LaPensée

La vie d'Arcade, Role Playing Game, Chad Comeau

Ehdrigohr, Tabletop Role Playing Game, Allen Turner

Idle No More: Blockade, Role Playing Game, Chelsea Vowel

Survivance, Social Impact Game, Elizabeth LaPensée with the Northwest Indian Storytellers Association

Path of the Elders, Mushkegowuk Council, Carleton University, BlackCherry Digital Media Inc., and Pinegrove Productions

Virtual Songlines, Heritage Game, Brett Leavy



Wanisinowin | Lost, Platformer Game, Meagan Byrne

Warrior Women Series I: The Beginning, Role Playing Game, Lily Ginnish-Lavalley

Music Mogul, Music Game, Cape Breton University

Enee, Adventure, Trent Griffith

Ienién:te and the Peacemaker’s Wampum, Role Playing Game, Skins 4.0

Skahiòn:hati: Rise of the Kanien'kehá:ka Legends, First Person Shooter Game, Skins 3.0

The Adventures of Skahiòn:hati: Legend of Stone Giant, First Person Shooter Game, Skins 2.0

Otsi:! | Rise of the Kanien’kehá:ka Legends, First Person Shooter Game, Skins 1.0


Huni Kuin, Bobware with Kaxinawá Tribe

Kawiteros, Neko Entertainment

Mulaka: Origin Tribes, Lienzo with Edgar Serrano

Singuistics: Anishinaabemowin, Language Singing Game, Pinnguaq with Elizabeth LaPensée

Spirits of Spring, Minority Media with Ernest Webb

Beneath Floes, Pinnguaq

Eat Neqpik, Board Game, Center for Alaska Native Health Research

Spirit Lake, 7 Generation Games with Spirit Lake and Turtle Mountain

Fish Lake, 7 Generation Games with Spirit Lake and Turtle Mountain

Arrival: Village Kasike, Raindrop Games with Roberto Borrero